Friday, May 23, 2008

Fiji Water the Green Washest of Them Water

This is as good as they come, a green washer fighting a great publicity battle to stave off a green backlash. The reward for the survival is no less than the flow-like-water profits the company continues to reap from the tiny island which itself has been said to lack in water supply for the inhabitants.

How did they manage to start off the business I have no idea but the political or the business tactics are not the main issues here regardless of any potential under the table dealing.

What is truly amazing, is that it re-casted itself as "GREEN" and announced its "green-initiatives" in what I considered an unconscionable effort to deceive. It even started Fiji Green site pretending to care for green movement while probably moderating away the most negative comments (on the right is their logo that says it all). I left a message offering them my congratulation for making onto my site as a green washer champion, and I wait to see if they will publish my comment.

A true greenist will not buy bottled water, knowing fully well that the manufacture, transport and the recycle process, if at all, can all be spared simply by drinking tap, local or self filtered water at home. A true greenist does not want these processes to occur in the first place.

If and when green movement becomes a standard consumer norm, it is companies like Fiji Water that will be naturally eliminated.

What technology, research and initiative can they possibly put in to make the process of pouring water into a plastic bottle that is to be transported and to go through another process of recycling just to deliver 16 ounces of that water, green?

For me personally, the only place for its existence is none at all.

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